Happy Campers Gold Ring Recovery

New York Research and Recovery had a emergency call by a young couple who was camping at a rented camp in the adirondacks and the husband lost their wedding ring and would be leaving to go back home tommorrow..this vid made for some happy campers!


Pics of finds on a rev war property in conn.


About Our Club

We are a small group of very Experienced treasure hunters who get together and Research old treasure sites and folklore of buried treasure in the upstate New York Region.We do have all types of metal detection equipment for land and underwater usage.
We also are involved with helping the communities that surround us by utilizing our services free or minimal charges for expenses.
what we do .
Our services are free to local and state police for evidence recovery on land and in waterways, we do have certified divers with underwater metal detection equipment for locating any metal objects that authorities will be searching for , guns, knives ,projectiles, weapons..etc.
We recover lost items such as rings, rings , jewelry, watches, or anything that is metal that is lost , we usually have a small fee charged for expenses..
We recover lost monies that have been buried or in houses from former owners or family members,percentage basis for fees can be worked out depending upon the info given..
We research local history for stories on local buried caches(large and small caches) and we do go out in the field to recover them..
We do also locate property markers and old oil tank for landowners on a fee basis.

If you have anything metal and can't find it give us a call or email us and we can find it for you.